Lock Rekeying

At Father & Son Locksmith we offer professional lock rekeying services throughout Royersford and surrounding areas. This service offers a number of benefits including affordability and convenience. For dependable lock rekeying Royersford services, call us at 610-489-5755.

Lock rekeying – what is it?

If this is the first time that you have heard about lock rekeying, you might not fully understand what is involved. In simple terms, rekeying a lock involves shifting the pins inside the lock into different positions. They are shifted in order to fit a new key and any old keys will no longer work. Once complete, you will be provided with a brand new set of keys.

When to have locks rekeyed

Many people wonder whether they should have a lock rekeyed or replaced. This is an excellent solution if your lock is still in great condition and you find yourself in any of the following situations:

− Your keys have been lost or stolen.

− Your keys are damaged and cannot be duplicated.

− You’re a landlord and you have a new tenant.

− Before moving into a new property (residential or commercial).

− Too many copies of your keys have been made and you believe your property is at risk.

− You run a business and an employee has resigned or was let go.

− You lend your key to somebody but they fail to return the key.

Rekeying your locks will help set your mind at ease knowing that your property is that much more secure. Locks do not always need to be replaced and, if you are at all concerned about the security of your property, feel free to ask our team. No more worrying about a lost key or disgruntled employee. For urgent rekeying services, call Father & Son Locksmith at 610-489-5755.

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